FX30S rs485.py error

When trying to set the FX30S to operate its serial port in RS-485 I get the following error:
root@fx30s:~# /usr/bin/rs485.py /sys/devices/platform/msm_serial_hsl.0/rs_mode 1
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/bin/rs485.py”, line 11, in
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/dev/ttyHSL0’
Also, how do I read the firmware version? Trying commands I could locate I get the following:
root@fx30s:~# cm info firmware
SWI9X06Y_02.22.12.00 eaf79c jenkins 2019/04/24 18:48:27
root@fx30s:~# legato version


Due to User Guide document, you must set UART with AT!MAPUART command before executing that command. Please make sure that you set it correctly.


The instructions on page 72 are in error:

As you can see from the following sequence, the UART number is NOT optional. Knowing this, I went ahead and specified that I wanted the port to be used as an AT command modem.


Having configured the serial port, (and validating that it worked via a separate RS-232 serial port) I executed the command:

I did all this yesterday before I posted my request. This time I will explain exactly what I want to do - I want to operate the 9 pin serial port as an AT command set modem and have it operate with an RS-485 interface. Please provide instructions, not pictures of erroneous manual pages, on how to get this to work on an FX30S.

Please try to set AT!MAPUART=0 or 14


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