FX30S put APi le_mrc


i’m trying to put in my project the API le_mrc without exit. Cna anybody tell me how to use? I want manage the Radio of the FX30S because I’m experimenting problems with the SIM.
When I put the library, compiles but when I try the APP in the FX30S have an error an the system reboot’s.

Here how use .adef:

project.projectComp.le_mrc-> modemService.le_mrc

and here .cdef:
le_mrc = le_mrc.api

Thanks in advance!

Hi chaikonen,

Sorry to ask you to repost again (I realize you’ve already posted on mangOH and here), but could you please post on the Legato forum (https://forum.legato.io/), since this question is Legato specific?

To clarify, mangOH devs are on the mangOH forums, Legato devs are on the Legato forum, while the FX30 devs are on this forum. Each group has a different expertise.

Legato developers will be on that forum and able to help you, but please ensure you provide them the following information:

  1. Legato version
  2. syslogs (type “logread” and save your terminal output. Alternately, you can type “logread > mylog” and then scp the file off your device
  3. The WP moduletype. If you have an FX30S 3G, then it’s a WP8548, if it’s an FX30S CatM, then it’s a WP7702 (no need to post that you’re using an FX30S on the Legato forum).


Good morning everyone,

I posted this problem in the fòrum that you indicate me before.