FX30S Edge Action for multiple observation


We test FX30S to use as gateway with our sensors. Our sensors, let’s call him OurCustomSensor, communicate with the FX30s via modbus and we have configured communication in services panel in Octave. This work very well.

We will have a bunch of OurCustomSensor connnected to a FX30s, and a bunch of FX30s deployed. The number of OurCustomSensor per FX30s is variable.

For each measure of OurCustomSensor, we have some conversion to make. We make it in a edge action with javascript.

The code in edge action for each OurCustomSensor is identicly.

Is there a method to duplicate edge action, or better, to direct many observation to the same edge action ?

Thank in advance,

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Hi Hubert,

We are glad to see you are enjoying Octave solution.

Multi sources Edge Actions is a feature in our roadmap. It should be available by End of year.

Thank you,

Thank you for your fast reply.

I forgot to ask, is it possible (or it’s on your road map) to add observation on a no last path resources ?

For example, I can add observation on the value of OurCustomSensor on this path :

What I would like to do is to put a edge action on a more general observation, like this :

Hello Hubert,

This is not possible as each ‘CustomSensor’ is a different resource, with potentially different update rates etc… (whereas within ‘Custom Sensor’ all reported data will be refreshed at the same time)

Your need, which is a very valid one, will be covered by the ability mentioned by Nicolas to trigger an Edge Action from multiple individual sources