FX30 n_RESET IOT pin mapping in Legato

Hi all,

The FX30 hardware guide lists some of the pins available through the legato framework. For example, the USER LED is listed as gpioPin47, and in the legato framework running on the device this shows up as the service le_gpioPin47.

Binding to the service allows an app to switch the LED on/ off, exactly as expected.

But, I can’t find the reference for the mapping of the IOT card pins, especially the one I’m interested in, n_RESET. The hardware guide points to the mangoh IOT user guide, which has the list of pins, but not how they show up on the FX30. Similarily, the AirPrime_WP75XX-WP8548 tech spec doesn’t help. There are details there of a N_RESET_OUT pin for resetting a peripheral device, but not which FX30 gpioPinXX it’s mapped to.

In short, does anyone know which gpioPinXX maps to the IOT card n_RESET ?


Hello mathab,

Did you find out? This information is completely missing from the FX 30 Hardware user guide 1.0.


Hi Mahtab,

Like u say the Hardware User Guide points to the MangOH documentation, in the 3.7 section they say that n_RESET is on the pin 32.

mangoh.io/documentation/iot_expa … _RESET.htm

Hope it will help.

I found a workaround, because I came to the conclusion that the pin isn’t available to users. After trying all the pins :unamused: None of the pins available seemed to do it, but I’ll come back to this later.