[FX30 Cat1] Switch to root user without asking password

Hi everyone,

I have trouble using adduser command:

  • I set a password to root account (SSH asks me the password)
  • I created a new user with password using: adduser toto
  • When I try to switch to root account from this new user using su command it gives me a root shell access without asking root password!

Did someone face the issue?


Hi @demathos

Please share how you set the password for the root account.

Hi @switch,

I set root password using passwd command directly from the root account.

I actually found a bad solution by editing the /etc/passwd file and adding an x inside the password field corresponding to root account because it was missing by default:

Did you know why the x which references the /etc/shadow file is missing from password field even if I set a root password using passwd command?