FX30 Yocto add user and SSH authorized keys


I am trying to add a user for SSH in my bitbake layers, but I can’t succeed.

The rootfs built on my host machine contains in “/home/” the following :

However, after flashing my fx30 with “swiflash”, there is no “/home/sshuser”.

How could I make it work ?

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didn’t you can make it work here?

I thought so, but it seems like I didn’t manage to properly clean the FX30 and the “/home/sshuser” that I had manually created was still there.

When I am first doing a “swiflash -m fx30_catm -r” to clean the FX30, and then flash it with the image built, the “home/sshuser” directory is not present.

Does this help to create folder in fs?

Or you can modify init script startlegato to add your command

Thanks for the quick replies.

I managed to do the example you gave in the other topic and to create a “/test” directory.

However, if I try to install “/home/test”, only “/home/root” is present.

Because of the date shown for “/home/root”, I will try removing “/home” from “fstab” file in “meta-swi-mdm9xxxx/recipes-core/base-files/basefiles” and I will let you know.

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Well, no difference.

I will try adding files in “/home/root” to see if they are still present after flashing the FX30.

The added files are not present once the image is flashed.

On my side, if i add some files in /home/root, after flashing yocto.cwe, the files remain there

Btw, you can modify init script startlegato to add your command

Could you please tell me how you added files to “/home/root” ? I just want to see if I am doing something wrong.

Thank you again.

i used scp to push file to /home/root

actually the /home/root is in userapp partition, i am not sure if you can add file to it in your yocto.cwe

That is why i suggest to modify initscript startlegato.sh

Ok, thank you for your answer.

Do you know where we could find a list of the different partitions ?

I think that in my case, one of the solution would be to create the home directory of my new user at the following path : “/usr/home/sshuser”

I’ll try to make it work and I will let you know.

You can use this command to see the mtd partition