FX30S 3G (firmware 17): sftp-server missing

Firmware 14 had directory /usr/lib/openssh with single file sftp-server. As result sftp worked. It was also possible to mount directory on other system using sshfs

Directory /usr/lib/openssh is missing from newest firmware r17. That prevents using SFTP or SSHFS.

It this change intentional or an ommision?

Hi Andris,
SFTP feature has been moved to devMode app since legato 18.01
The purpose of this is to not have GPL v3 software provisioned on the device by default.

You will recover SFTP service by simply installing devMode app
devMode app is under legato/apps/tools


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Thanks. Tried. It works.

I made my own Legato application instead od devMode (as I do not want to use all what devMode contains in production environment).

Also moved to building firmware R17 myself:

  • it seems that sftp-server is left out from built toolchain (and as result is not picked up by corresponding application build - devMode or my own)