FX100 Modem Hangs on Software Reset


I am having a problem with FX100 Modems hanging after a software reset using AT+CFUN=1. I am using Firmware 7.52.0.A1. When I say a FX100 modem hangs, I mean that it stops working so it can no longer accept any subsequent AT commands. In this case, the only way I can get the modem working again, is to power it off and back on again and then it resets itself as expected. Normally, I can remotely perform a software reset by issuing the AT+CFUN=1 command over the serial interface, and after several seconds, the modem will reset as expected.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem with the FX100 modem hanging after a software reset?

I’ve tried re-downloading the firmware and found that in a few instances that this seems fixes the problem with the modem so it will always respond correctly to the AT+CFUN=1 command, while for others it makes no difference. For some FX100 modems I’ve found that they will always hang after a AT+CFUN=1 command is issued. I’ve also found that for other FX100 modems, they will only hang once in a great while, and for the “good ones”, they havent’ been seen to hang yet.

Does the inability of a new FX100 modem to correctly respond to the AT+CFUN=1 command mean that the modem is bad and therefore cannot be fixed?

Does anyone know when Firmware 7.53 is due to be released? Maybe this will fix the problem…

Are you using hyper terminal or Dev studio?
Normally in hyper terminal if we are using USB port, after AT+CFUN=1 command if we do not disconnect the port in hyper terminal then there is a chance that modem will not response to commands. This is because after reset module will try to connect to the same port, but I this case it is open. So AT command port cannot be able to connect which lead to a conclusion that our module hangs. Is this the same case for you??
If so then disconnect the port after AT+CFUN=1 command and connect again after reset and complete port enumeration….

Regarding 7.53 FW release… will check internally and will inform…