FTP on HL8548 - get data chunks


I’m using HL8548, and I’m tring to download a file from my server using FTP and save it to the flash on my system. Unfortunately I don’t have enough RAM to save the file so I need to read it by “chunks” of 256 bytes.

I read the AirPrime_HL6_and_HL8_Series_AT_Commands_Interface_Guide_Rev12_0

One option I considered was to use the HL module flash but at page 504 it mentioned that this option is not supported in HL8548. Another solution I tought was to use software flow control, but at page 54 it mentioned that this option is also not available for HL85xxx.

Any other ideas what should I do?



So you do not have hardware flow control implemented then? If not then your options are limited. How big is the file you want to download?



Hi Matt,

You right, I don’t have hardware flow control implemented. but I found a way to write fast enough to my flash so I can read the file with just a small buffer. the file is about 75k.

Thanks for your reply,