FTP download


I am trying to download i file from ftp server using AT+KFTPRCV.
It starts the download but tremendous data loss was observed.

Is there any command to download fixed size of bytes from the FTP server.
Your help in this is highly appreciarted.

Thanks & Regards


Please refer to HL AT command guide for +KFTPRCV usage, section 13.5.2, download with fixed size is not available.

For data loss, are you storing the file or just transmitting on serial port?
Can you check is <type_of_file> specified correctly?
Also, does it happen on different FTP server and carrier SIM?



How big is the file you are trying to download?

Usually, if the file size is bigger than the UART buffer size, we will advise the user to use flow control. Please refer to the AT&K command for more details.



What is the size of internal HL8548 module receive buffer when module receives data from server before executing +KTCPRCV or +KFTPRCV command ?
In AT commands guide i have only found “In AT data mode, the terminal receive buffer size is limited to 32000 bytes”, but this is not the same buffer.