Maximum Data Packet Size for GPRS & FTP

I am using AT open commands to send FTP data to server,
Issue is, the file which i am trying to send having 200 characters, but Modem can only send 150 byte to server at a time, and if character lentgh increase from 150, its overwrite the data.

Is it the constrain with gprs modem or its a programming issue, If any body tried FTP data transfer, please help me out.


are you using data-mode for the transfer?


There’s some hard limits to the packet sizes that can be accepted by different ‘flows’. From section 3.9.3 of the ADL user guide:

I’m making the assumption here that you are pushing data in through the UART Flow (i.e. the ‘console’ via an AT+WIPxxx command) and out the GPRS flow (via the WIP FTP process). If this is the case, make sure that your serial terminal emulator (‘Hyperterm’?) is using hardware flow control, and that you have (at least) a 5 wire connection to the modem.

Otherwise, are you checking the return values for wip_write() and associated events?

just my 2c.

ciao, Dave