HL8548 KHTTPPOST File size limit?


I’m trying to upload a jpg greater than 10k but I’m really struggling.

It’s almost as if there is a maximum amount of data it can accept… I’ve tried adding delays after each byte to pad them out and I’ve also tried breaks in the data but that just results in a timeout.

I can’t believe that it’s not possible to upload a file greater than 10k.

Anyone able to help me out here?


I don’t think there is any size limitation for data. you should be able to send 10k.
Did you try sending any .txt file with size greater than 10k or any other image?

which firmware are you using?


Dear Elliot,
With HTTPSPOST on HL6528 I can able to send file shorter than 18k, considering that the HL8548 has the same buffer size, I suspect that the limit is the same. I use as maximum file size 18k on HL8548.