Freq and real time counting

I want to count a freq of up to range of 500Khz.For that I have subsribed a timer of 18.5 msec.After each 18.5msec I am checking status of GPIO pin whre I am getting pulses.In this way I am counting pulses.
But in OpenAT we can get minimum 18.5 msec timer. Because of that I am missing pulses and I am unable to read all pulses.Is their any facility of counter in openAT?. SO any body knows how to count pulses of such a high range.Secondly I want to update RTC time of wavecom module
so anybody knows about RTC of wavecom module. I am using Q2406A module and v3.02 software.


No, I dont think so. I have not seen anything like that in the API documentation or in the AT-command manual.

I would design an external circuit and connect it to some module interface (serial interface, SPI or I/O:s) that could count the pulses and that I could read out the current frequency from that circuit in a periodic way.

Its possible via AT-commands and adl_atCmdCreate function.