Flashing EM7455 For CF20

I recently purchased a used Panasonic CF20 the em7455 is currently not usable. I ordered a new em7455 but was looking for instructions on how to properly flash the firmware for the CF20 laptop.

Did you install usb driver?

I haven’t done a single thing yet it arrives Friday.

You can install the usb driver and run an exe for firmware upgrade

So I am unsure how a USB driver would help as there isnt a USB connection to the EM7455? I installed the card in the CF-20 Laptop and was able to get cell signal. I then went to install the firmware/drivers from panasonic but it seems stuck in a loop where it says “configuring your broadband device” then gets to 37% and says reboot then does the same thing.

Did you get support from Panasonic?

If it can get cell signal, seems it is already working

Btw, what did you see in device manager?