FIX | Yocto QA Issue: sierra-lowtempfix


While trying to build a system for various FX30 models (CAT-1 WP76XX and CAT-M WP77XX), I faced the same problem described in this topic :
Swi-fx30-catm_3.0.0 build error in swi-linux

This error is quite irritating when the only way to fix it seems to be running a “make clean” and to go through all the steps of a first build in Yocto.

As I didn’t find any way to fix it online, I am sharing mine.

In “/path/to/workspace/swi-linux-src”, run :

make dev

Then, enter the following command :

bitbake-layers show-appends

It will show you all the appends for every recipe. Look for “”, the recipe adding the lowtemp-fix.

In a new terminal, go to “/path/to/workspace/swi-linux-src” and enter :

grep 'PACKAGES.*lowtemp' -r meta*

The command will show multiple appends of lowtemp-fix to “PACKAGES”. Here is our Yocto QA error.
Keep only one and comment the other ones based on the result of “bitbake-layers show-appends”.

You should now be able to use Yocto without having to clean everything between each build.

I hope people will find this simple fix without losing too much time. It would be nice if this fix could be added by Sierra Wireless too.

If you see any mistake or if something is not clear, feel free to add a comment.

Bye !

thanks for the contribution