Firmware Update 4.12.0.p31

Hi, in ALMS I am being advised that there is a new firmware for my RV50 & RV50x units. Looking at the downloads for each of these units, I’m not seeing any release notes, nor even an option to download the new firmware 4.12.0.P31.

Currently all of my devices are

The [ALEOS RV50X LWM2M (4.12.0.p31) looks to have been released 4 days ago.

Wondering if there is any information on this firmware release, ideally a release note.

I have updated a test sierra and it took the update fine. Just wondering information on this release.


I was probably too fast - Release Notes just released and firmware on the Source now.

ALEOS 4.12.0.p31 Release Notes

ALEOS patch release 4.12.0.p31 is for AirLink MP70 Series routers, LX60 routers, LX40 routers, RV50 Series gateways and the RV55 router.
This release primarily resolves issues with operating on AirLink Management Service (ALMS), and does not affect device operation when not connected to ALMS. Bug Fixes
Resolved issues with applying ALEOS 4.12.0 templates, displaying tables, and transmitting data between the device and ALMS using LWM2M.
Resolved an issue where values for Automatic SIM Switching could not be returned to default.