File missing from rootfs

Hiya Legato Team.

I’ve noticed that when using the DS Remote system explorer that there is a file missing from the root file system as currently provided.

Every time a SSH operation is performed, there is a log message from dropbear /var/log/lastlog is not a file or directory! in the Legato log window

It’s an easy fix - simply run touch /var/log/lastlog from a SCP console and the error goes away … but because it’s not in the flash image that’s decompressed on boot, the file is not persistent.

Can we get this empty file put into the next revision of the standard rootfs please.

Ta, Dave

This one is for the embedded guys; but meanwhile, if you want to filter “system” events non related to Legato, you can go to the Window > Preferences > Developer Studio > Legato Console settings, and check the Hide non Legato logs option…

Thanks, Dave.

I’ve added this to the list of things to look at.

It looks like this file should remain small, so there’s no risk of it eating too much RAM. We’ll double check that, though.

BTW, TimTams are good! Thanks. :smiley:
Also, my wife found that we can get them here in Vancouver too. This could be bad… :open_mouth:

Hi Jen,

Thanks for looking at this.

You already have /var/log/wtmp - used by dropbear to log successful logins - in your rootfs. I’ll have a look at the lastlog file in my WP71 and see how big it gets.

Or … This post has a patch for buildroot to allow control over a couple of extra build parameters for dropbear. Maybe just changing the dropbear build process to add --disable-lastlog and maybe --disable-wtmp to the configure command line might be a simpler (and more memory efficient) way to solve the problem?

Glad that you enjoyed them. Ask Ken (Arnold) about how to use them as a straw. Milk for the kids, Port for yourself and your wife!

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Hey guys,

I know I’m off the rootfs subject here, but I must say to Dave that we’ve finished the TimTams too. We loved them. Thanks!
We’ve tried several nice things like you and Ken suggested too!
Luckily for us, we don’t find them here :smiley:


Hi This,

Glad that you enjoyed them too.

They’re pretty addictive, aren’t they? It’s hard to stop once the packet is opened… And the worst thing is that there is an odd number in the packet.

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I expect they want you to solve that problem by buying two packets. :smiling_imp:


Yep … and two packets don’t last much longer than one :smiley:

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