FCM Service - I don't get response

Hello all,

I am using devices managed by WMP100. I have two devices connected each other by bluetooth (W12 Bluegiga). I am using FCM service to send commands and data to the bluetooths.
My question is: Have to be in “command mode” to get response from device which I send data?
Because…When I am sending “command” in “command mode” I get response, but when I am sending data in “data mode” despite I should get some data in response I don’t. Then when I change mode to “command” I get this reponse.
I was thinking that shuld get response without changing mode. So where is the truth?

Thanks for all help

Should the plural of “bluetooth” be “blueteeth”… :question: 8)

Carefully study the description of the FCM Service in the ADL User guide.

Look at the diagram where Switch ‘1’ illustrates the switch between ‘AT Command’ and ‘Data’ modes.

Study the description of the adl_fcmSwitchV24State() function.

There are examples in the SDK, and there’s an example in the ‘Sharing’ seciton of this forum.

I studied the description of FCM Service but…( always has to be “but” :confused: ) I really don’t understand it. Still I don’t know if I have to change mode to get response.
If you could, please @awneil, give me simple answer YES/NO.
The example from “Sharing code section” of echo on UART didn’t help me, because there response is sending by adl_fcmSendData, but I am using this function to send data and wait for response.

I’ve lost in this everything… :confused: