FCM Flow break on character?


I use a fastrack supreme 20 and my flow control is set to IFC=0,0 .

On FCM data receive, is it possible that a control character ,or a combination of characters,
will cause the flow to stop in one direction ( receiving data handler not firing), While data out (fcmSenddata) still works.

If so, what are these characters and how can I handle them.


Software flow control - XON and XOFF :question:

Thanks for the reply

If I understand correctly, I’m receiving a xoff character in the fcm data receive handler, which is suspending
communication in that direction.

If this is correct, is there a way to “escape” the xon xoff characters?

Not in the modem - you would just have to disable software flow control (if it is, indeed, the problem).

You could, maybe, devise some “escape” mechanism in the external device that sends the data…

The legacy device I use to communicate with the modem doesn’t use software flow control.

Accoridng to my distributor if I set ifc=0,0 hardware flow control is off and no Software fc is used.

What other condition can cause the fcm to disable in one direction?