FCM data and Gprs


Hi Everybody,

I have a few questions for you:

  1. I am gathering all the incoming data from V24 Uart1 in a buffer using the fCM service and when for instance my buffer has 1000 bytes and I use ed_SendDataExt() to send them via GPRS to a server, not all the data are successfully received by the remote peer. How can I achieve this?.

  2. Do you have any idea How can I from an embedded app control the module not to answer pings? , I have read it is possible to request but nothing about not to answer?

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Hi Camilo,
The fact that you are using ed_SendDataExt () to send the data means that you have successfully created a TCP socket with the peer.

Now, when you want to send the data to the peer, you must make sure that pfRequestCallback_f () function (request callback function) is called. This function provides you the “MaxLen” parameter which is the maximum length of data that you can send to the peer.

So, the normal data sending procedure should be:
1.ed_DataRequest_f () i.e (request callback function called). Your application reads the maximum length of data that could be sent.
2. Call ed_SendDataExt () to send the data.
3. ed_DataRequest_f () function called again. Read the maximum length of data that can be sent again.
4. Call ed_SendDataExt () to send the data. This time too, respect the “MaxLen” parameter that is provided by the ed_DataRequest_f() function.
5. ed_DataRequest_f () function is called again.
6. Call ed_SendDataExt () to send data again… and so on.

Please make sure that you call ed_SendDataExt () function only after receiving a call to ed_DataRequest_f ()function.

Hence, the cause of your problem can be that you are calling ed_SendDataExt () in a loop and not after receiving a corresponding call to ed_DataRequest_f function. Hope this answers your first question.

For your second question, the module does not automatically answers to the PING requests. You need to write an application which will answer to the PING requests. Hence, you need not worry about this fact. IF you have not explicitly written an application to respond to PING requests, the module will not respond them to any of them.

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Open AT Fan.


i want to send a data over GPRS but no matter what i do i can establish a connection with GPRS. i dont know how to set APN.what is worse ,when i run the ping-GPRS sample.i get the ME unregistered imformation.
my msn :junjie200801@hotmail.com .i would like to consult you about the GPRS on MSN.i am looking forward to your reply
thank you in advance
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Thanks for your help OpenAT_Fan, you are very kind.

I have done what you said and it’s OK. I wonder if you have an expample for responding ping requests.

By the way junjie200801, I will add your msn.

Camilo Moreno