Parameter MaxLen in ed_DataRequest_f callback


Do you know if the parameter MaxLen in ed_DataRequest_f callback can change during the running of the embedded application?


Yes it can! Depending on how much of the libraries’ buffer is empty… It most certainly will change. I have seen it change… You may only send so much as the library allows you to send with this maxlen, otherwise you may crash the application :frowning:

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But in the ed_DataRequest_f callback I can put only one ed_SendDataExt() or more than one?


I don’t know. I only used one. Why would you need more than one? If the data can only be reached by different pointers, just send one and wait until callback is called again, then send the next…

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In my application the wavecom Modem is a client that shoul send some data to a server via GPRS. The data lenght exceed Maxlen and i have to do more than one ed_SendDataExt.
On the server I have to open a non blocking socket and I have to receive more than one ?


So? Do one everytime the callback is called. This way you will do more than one, but not more than one after every call of your callback function. If that was your question the answer would be yes: You can more than one. But you probably should do only one on each call of your callback function. The callback function will be called again to ask for more data…

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OK, I put one ed_SendDataExt on each ed_DataRequest_f callback but seems that I have only one Send-Receive. But maybe the problem is on the server :cry:


Oh. Maybe the server closes the socket…