Fault 04 00000000 ! (Wavecom Q2406B )

Good afternoon!

Can someone help me solve this problem? When trying to update the firmware occurred one error , and does not start modem… :frowning:


I can not send the firmware, it starts the boot … My modem has DB9 connector … can someone help me? Thank you …

:bulb: :blush:

I watched here in the forum, about building a cable, but my modem has 9-pin connector, and not 15 …
then I have the pin boot … someone could help me find the pin boot?
Again, thank you!

I now have another problem …

I managed to locate the pin 12, I sent firmware with the DWLWIN , but now I have the message “Bad Software” and the LED blinks rapidly.

I tried several versions of firmware but no answers … can someone help me?

Thank you.