Fargo Mestro 100 Lite

Hello ,

Dear all kindly give your inputs or suggestion.

i am using Fargo Maestro 100 lite GSM/GPRS Modem.
i am not doing FTP due to AT+WIPCFG=1 i have received "Error " only .
i was try AT+CMEE = 1 but i don’t receive any error number.

kindly provides your input and suggestion.

Is it using sl808x inside?
What is ati9?
What is "at+wopen? "

Thank you for your response Dear .Jyjiji.

Ati9 response is “OK”
and at+wopen? response is “+Wopen:1”
Using inside Wismo Q2406B module.

no idea for Q24 module as it is a product more than 15 years ago.
Not sure if you need to write a OpenAT application to it.

ok thank you for your response