FAQ: Octave with CANOpen

What CANOpen IoT Card is supported and where can I purchase it?

What is CANOpen?

What Octave supports and what are the limitations for CANOpen with Octave?

Octave support for CANOpen can:

  • Sniff PDOs and SDOs. See below
  • Per node (device on the bus) sending read request via expedited SDO only.
  • One resource per node.
  • Polling period for sending device information to the cloud in seconds.
  • All CANOpen bitrates are supported in theory, Currently, tests up to 500k are successful but bitrates up to 750K and 1Mb should work.

Octave CANOpen Limitations, does NOT support:

  • Custom user types. (non CANOpen standard PDO, SDO types)
  • Type > 48 bits, i.e. (un)signed 48 56 and 64
  • String types
  • SDO read request using segmented SDO

PDO explanation→ https://www.can-cia.org/can-knowledge/canopen/pdo-protocol/

SDO explanation → https://www.can-cia.org/can-knowledge/canopen/sdo-protocol/

CANOpen bitrate (baudrate) explanation → https://www.can-cia.org/can-knowledge/canopen/canopen-lower-layers/