Event/Action problems on LS300

I’m currently testing the event/action functionality of an LS300 and have been running into some major problems on the analog input testing. Here’s the situation…I set up an event for when the voltage on pin 4 of the LS300 is greater than 20 volts. The action for this event is to just send an email indicating that the voltage on pin 4 is greater than 20 volts. For my test, I put 24 volts on pin 4…the event gets triggered and the action email is sent…that’s perfect. Here’s the problem…I remove the 24 volts (i.e. pin4 green wire is not connected anymore) so there is no longer voltage > 20 volts on pin 4. I continue to get random emails throughout the day indicating that the voltage is greater than 20 volts. For some reason, this event keeps getting triggered at random times throughout the day (and even the next day). To stop the event/email from occurring, I have to log into the LS300 and delete the event.

Is anyone else running into this issue and if so, were you able to get it to work. I have a case number with my vendor and they’re following up with SiWi but are not getting any help.