Ethernet bridge to GPRS?


Im completely new to the wonderfull world of ethernet networks and have some questions that i hope someone has an answer to :slight_smile:

I’ve designed a modem for a customer along with some OpenAT software but until now the modem only features a serial connection interface. However, the customer now needs an ethernet connection for the following application:

Customer has a linux server that collects data throughout the day which is then stored in a database. Then sometimes this server needs to deliver this data to another central server. The data collecting server needs to have a constant connection to the internet, just like if it was connected through an ADSL modem.

So my task is to enable the use of a standard ethernet connection on my modem and make a GPRS connection to the internet. It has to funtion as a kind of bridge AFAIK, as the linux server is the one who should get an IP assigned from the tele operator and not the modem itself. Just like if it was an ADSL modem.

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Kaare Mai
Developer, TIMCO Electronics

I think what you mean you want to setup the modem to be a ethernet gateway?
I am not sure if you will be able to get ADSL speeds for a long time :mrgreen:
If my above asumtion is correct then you need NAPT (Network Address to Port Translation)
This will be available in OASIS 2.10 using WIP 5.0 which is currently schedules for August (give or take a few months) but more likely to give than take :laughing:
It sounds like MMS will also be included in this release, but only wavecom can answer this.

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Yep, unfortunately not possible with the current Open AT software, I’m trying to do exactly the same thing!

The network operator will assign an IP to your Wavecom device by the way, and it will in turn assign a local IP to your computer. The only way to have the network assigned, externally addressable IP assigned directly to the computer would be through a direct serial connection I imagine?

Hi pplz,

Is there a way to connect to the internet in this constellation?

Client <- UART -> Fastrack Supreme <- GPRS -> ((INTERNET))

The client must be able to send data to an ftp server on the internet.

As I read before, I guess not. The Fastrack Supreme must be capable of IP/Network Address Translation (NAT?)


Hi schneeweiss
I am not sure what you are exactly saying but there is a sample code for FTP in the location
I think you are not using the correct thread for your question
This topic is for Ethernet connections and not serial connections.
but (if I understand your question correctly) then it is possible via the sample