erTimeStruct problem


Hi fellow developers!

I’m using the C-Opus III plugin in the M2M studio environment (eclipse based IDE).

I am trying to retrieve the current time from the struct erTimeStruct. I do check on the bitmask returned by the erGpsCore api call.
I check if the time is available: if (gpsDataAvailMask & ER_TIME_AVAIL).
If that is the case I try to retrieve it using:

erTimeStruct *erTime;
erTime = erGetTime();

The struct contains a variable that signals the confidence lvl of the time received from the gps chipset (erTime->tConf). According to the documentation this value can be:
0 - Invalid time
1 - Accurate to within 120 seconds
2 - Accurate to within 10 seconds
4 - Accurate to within 20 milliseconds

My problem is however, that the erTime->tConf variable is 8 or 10, which isn’t described by the documentation. My time values are also bogus, so guess the time confidence isn’t
all that great if the erTime->tConf value is 8 or 10 :slight_smile:.

Any (relevant) feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards
Søren B. Madsen


This issue has been “resolved”.
The bogus time values was produced by a faulty time conversion algorithm. However the tConf value of 10 still is a mystery to me :slight_smile:.
I just assume it means its even more accurate than the tConf = 4 (20 millisec accuracy).