Error distant dns

Hi All
I have this error “ED_ERR_DISTANT_DNS” when trying to get file from FTP server. Althoug i have specified the two dns server adresses.

So is there one who can told me where is the pb ? :question:

The error ED_ERR_DISTANT_DNS means that the DNS server is not able to resolve the name of the FTP server to an IP address.

The possible reasons for this problem might be:

  1. The name of FTP server from which you are trying to download the file is not correct.
  2. The DNS server is too busy to process the request (to map the FTP server address to IP address) which causes timeout on the module which then gives ED_ERR_DISTANT_DNS.
  3. The module is having limited connectivity to the GPRS. In other words, the signal strength is not good. This is leading to buffering of GPRS packets (which will eventually be sent when the GPRS signal strength is regained). As the DNS resolve request is sent in UDP packets, the module times out and gives ED_ERR_DISTANT_DNS.
  4. Last, but not the least, you can check the validity of the DNS server IP address.

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