Advise on email

Hello All,

I keep getting error ERR_DISTANT_OPEN I am using the yahoo mail to send out email…the following is the setting. is there something wrong here?

wm_strcpy(server.Domain, "");
wm_strcpy(server.SenderName, "Samuel");
status = ed_EmailSetConfig(&param);
status = ed_SMTPSetConfig(&server);
status = ed_SendMail(1,(ed_ResponseCbk_f)error);

Hi Samuel,
The error ERR_DISTANT_OPEN is received, when Open-AT is not able to open a socket with the specified mail server. To solve this problem, try using “” as the “SmtpServ” parameter.

However, after you perform this step, you can NOT send mail using yahoomail. This is because, uses encrypted connection (probably secure socket connection) using which you login to yahoo.
eDlib does not support encrypted connections. So, in this case, you will receive ED_ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED_BY_PEER.

Please use some other SMTP server which does not uses the SSL or encrypted connection for sending/receiving mail.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.