error by cleaning project


on windows with the latest m2mstudio, when the project is cleaned the following error is shown

**** Clean-only build of configuration [Target]_ARM_ELF_GCC_Debug for project voice-server ****
del src/dtmf.o src/log.d src/call.d src/watchdog.o src/tcp.d src/generated.o src/audio.d src/serial.o src/buffer.d src/generated.d src/audio.o src/utils.o voice-server.wpb src/errors.d voice-server.axf voice-server.dwl src/call.o src/errors.o src/appli.o mos_header.o src/tcp.o src/dtmf.d voice-server.cpbin src/watchdog.d voice-server.bin src/appli.d src/log.o src/serial.d src/utils.d src/buffer.o
Internal Builder: Cannot run program “del”: Launching failed

**** Clean-only build of configuration [Target]_ARM_ELF_GCC_Debug for project voice-server ****
Build complete for project voice-server


It should be considered as just a warning: files are actually correctly deleted, even if this error message is displayed.
Please note that this is not a regression (the “issue” exists since the first release), and it is an Eclipse/CDT bug.


ok thanks!