Error #010C : SmartStack Fatal Error

I’m using Q2426B, Open AT 3.01, OS 6.51

Does anyone knows what SmartStack Fatal Error means ?

I get it after trying an FTP client session: I get error -13 (ED_ERR_STACK_BUSY) and some time later I get the SmartStack error…

I am closing every TCP socket so FTP gets the the stack for itself.


Ok, the previous error -13 has nothing to do.

I always get error -13 while another task is closing the sockets, some time later when the sockets get closed ftpget returns success.

The SmartStack error manifests about 10 secs after ftpget returns 0, I can’t even see any resulting code from ftpget’s data and/or get handler, only the SmartStack error and a system reset.