Ephemeris on I2c with XA1210

Hi, i am Jeferson and currently am working with a custom board that has a XA1210 Gnss module on it.
All firmware to receive and send commands through i2C i’ve been developing on last months. However, i’m trying to develop a system to upload ephemeris data to XA1210 for ttff decrease, but when i send ephemeris data for the xa1210 on I2C, i don’t receive any reponse.
On my project, i separate the ephemeris file that i get on FTP server in subframes and send it via I2C, but i never receive a ACK response and the ttff appearentally don’t change.
Does anyone knows how to send ephemeris data via I2C on XA1210?
A second question is: how can i set how long time the ephemeris data will cover?
Thank you!