Email notifications turn up without date & time

The email notifications sent from our Raven RV50 turn up without a date/timestamp (they have no “Sent:” header), and consequently end up at the bottom of the recipient inbox. How can this be fixed?

Hi there,

Are you referring to the events reporting? If so, do yo have the Email (SMTP) tab set up to include the Sender’s email as well (Services > Email (SMTP)).

With the date/time reporting, do you have the “Time” option enabled in the events reporting included?


Thanks, yes I do, on both counts. The issue is that the email doesn’t include the “Sent” header. The “From” is there, and I have included time in the report so I can see when the email was sent by opening it (it’s in the body of the report). But for an email client to be able to tell you when an email you have received was sent the email needs to include this as a header - there is no way to reconstruct this information after the email has been sent. The arrival time is irrelevant here. When I get a report from the Airlink I just want to be able to see - at a glance - when that report was generated, and to be able to sort the received reports by the time that they were sent which is not necessarily the order in which they arrive. It’s a curious omission, to be sure.