EM9191 call with null nia -- integ_protection_algorithm

can EM9191 does emergency call ?
I have a system which use “null” nia (integ_protection_algorithm) .
i.e. the system sent null-nia in the SecurityModeCommand from the NAS message.
And, EM9191 sent back a reject.

for a normal UE/phone, if it makes an emergency call (911, i guess ?) , it will accept the null nia.

Did you try using ATD command

Sorry, not an expert. Can u tell me more about ATD command ? one of the AT command ?
I am currently using a windows PC with the EM9191 card as a “celluar” connection.

I am not sure if Em9191module can do voice call

Normally to dial a voice call, we can type “atd1234567;”

But from the product technical specification, there is no voice support in EM91 module