EM9190 Virtual NMEA COM port not recognized by Spillman

Hey all,

We just upgraded our patrol fleet from Panasonic TB-31 Mk6 to GETAC B360 units, which brought the change EM7455 to EM9190. The NMEA COM port traffic is routed for GPS traffic in Spillman for AVL data mapping. The EM9190 traffic is blank on the B360 Spillman console. The traffic works in native GPS location software, and also AZTracs, which is their citation solution.

I am curious to know whether anyone else has encountered this issue and found a solution.

Thank you for your time, and have an awesome day!

Hi @tobrien,

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  1. When switching from Panasonic to GETAC, have you installed the drivers for EM91? Are you using Windows or Linux?
  2. Are you using the EM91 dev kit or a custom board?
  3. On Linux, you can refer to section 8. Instruction on how to stream NMEA sentences to a Virtual Serial Port (VSP) located in the package MBPL_SDK_R32_ENG2-lite.bin.tar.

Path on Linux: \MBPL_SDK_R32_ENG2-lite.bin.tar\MBPL_SDK_R32_ENG2-lite.bin\SampleApps\lite-qmi-loc

You can download the MBPL_SDK_R32_ENG2-lite.bin.tar from the following link: Mobile Broadband Package for Linux (SDK, Drivers, Documentation)