EM9190 not detected on lspci

The card is detected on lsusb when PCIE_DIS and VBUS_SENSE are pulled up.
When PCIE_DIS and VBUS_SENSE are floating or pulled low the card is not detected on lspci. Other M.2 pcie-based card are correctly detected in this slot.

Is there some config or driver support required to detect the card for pcie mode aside from PCIE_DIS and VBUS_SENSE?

Hi @tvyn ,
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In theory, in order for the module to communicate with the host, you must first install the driver for it. Have you installed the PCIE driver for the EM9190 module?
You can refer to how to switch from USB to PCIE interface Section 3 - Electrical Specifications on page 38 in the link below:



I am familiar with the USB/PCIe settings. I see in the Downloads there is only srces for the USB driver. I know in USB mode the card can detect. I need to test that the card works in PCIe mode. Is there srces to build the PCIe based driver?


Hi @tvyn,
The PCIE driver for the EM9190 is not publicly available on the source page, So please email tech support: support@sierrawireless.com to get it and be guided on how to install it.


I have contact Sierra Support four times and have not received a reply. Is there another way to obtain the driver?

The EM919x support is included in the mainline Linux kernel since v5.17