EM7565 Shutdown Sequence Timing


I’m dealing with the recommended shutdown sequence of the EM7565. As stated in the technical specification, it is recommended to keep the module powered for t_pwr_off_seq after asserting the Full_Card_Power_Off# signal.

In the power table, it is stated that the module will pull 70 uA typ. when Full_Card_Power_Off# is asserted. However, the timing of this it is not clear to me. Will the device enter the power off mode right after Full_Card_Power_Off# is asserted? If yes, do you have an exact number for the delay there (e.g. 2 us)? Or will this happen only after t_pwr_off_seq?

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Hi mpagnamenta,

It will happen after t_pwr_off_seq.

According to 41110788 EM7565 Product Specification r13.pdf, page 55:
41110788 EM7565 Product Specification r13.pdf (2.1 MB)

Required Shutdown Sequence
Warning: To avoid causing issues with the file system, follow this shutdown sequence.
1. Drive Full_Card_Power_Off# low.
2. Wait for at least t_pwr_off_seq seconds.
3. Remove power.

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