EM7565 shutdown sequence - seriously?

From the PTS:

Required Shutdown Sequence

Warning: To avoid causing issues with the file system, follow this shutdown sequence.

  1. Drive Full_Card_Power_Off# low.
  2. Wait for at least t_pwr_off_seq seconds.
  3. Remove power.

t_pwr_off_seq is 25 seconds.

This is a completely new requirement in Revision 7 of the PTS - Rev. 6 stated:

Full_Card_Power_Off# (Pin 6) - Powers the module on/off.
• Signal is required.
• Pull HIGH to keep the module on. To keep the module
always on:
· Tie the pin directly to a host GPIO (1.8V), or
· Use an external pull-up to pull signal high (10k–20k
for 1.8V, 75–100k for VCC rail). Note that a larger-
value resistor will reduce leakage current.

Drive LOW to turn the module off.

There is no required shutdown sequence in Rev. 6, keeping Pin 6 high is explicitly allowed …


This is under ‘discussion’ with product management.