EM7565 Input Voltage tolerance

Hi There !

We have a new design where these signals Full_Card_Power_Off W_DISABLE & GPS_DISABLE are connected (directly) to a 3.3V GPIO Expander.

According to table 2-1 the max input level on all these is 4.4V (Same as Vcc), however in table 2-7 Full_Card_Power_Off it implies the max voltage is 1.8V.

Is there any risk of having these pins driven to 3.3v ? We have a open-collector scheme for the Reset# pin

Thanks in advance


Hi @otto,

In table 2-1, 4.4V describes max voltage level distributed directly by external power.
In table 2-7, 1.8V describes voltage distributed voltage level of host GPIO.
So it’s not risk of having these pins driven to 3.3V when you connect power to these pin directly without connecting to host GPIO.


That’s great news, thanks for the information !