EM7565 Firmware Problems with CA?

The chip set does what it does, the CA bands are set at product definition and do not change, we enable as much as we can given chip set capabilities and hardware restrictions (you can only fit so many bands on a single device with discrete radio components). So the short answer to your question is that if your CA requirements are not met in the current table then it is highly unlikely that we will ad it at a later date unless it is in a new product (which is not on the horizon or publicly announced).



The CA requirements are met! (B1+B3)

Is this a joke? I already mentioned two times that all four streams work from time to time. Why is that not going to be fixed? And where is the announced 256 QAM support?

I have spent € 220 on this module and now neither B1+B3 nor 256 QAM work … Next time I will think twice before buying a module from Sierra Wireless again. Releasing a firmware version from Nov. 17 in March 18 is a joke as well.

The main reason why I bought this module is B1+B3 and 256 QAM …

I think we are misunderstood here:
The thing is B1+B3 is met in the current table (product specification r6, february 2018). We bought the product because of this information.
The module is actually useable on this frequencies, it can connect to the mobile-operator and sends traffic, but has a faulty connection, where most of the time not all streams (should be 2 per band) are sending/received properly. Instead the module ignores some, which results in lower bandwith and higher pings than it could be.
This is clearly a firmware-bug, because on some rare and random moments the module is operating as it should.

So we ask you to help us out here by fixing this problem. (again: it is a definitely a bug because it is supported by the modules’ specification and it is usable but in a faulty way.)
This is not about a feature-request - this is a bug-report! We are here and can provide data if you need that, but please guide us to a solution. Otherwise it could be seen as maliciously secretive lack.
This thread opened in december. Three month later a solution is not anywhere near in prospect. Ignoring the users problems and saying things like “the chip set does what it does” is not acceptable for a trustworthy company like sierra.

any update on this? Problem still persists.

256 QAM doesn’t work either … Come on, fix this! Or give us our money back. You are advertising the module as B1+B3 and 256 QAM capable. Not fixing this within 4 months is an absolute joke for a company like Sierra Wireless.

Will there be a fix? Give us an answer @mlw. We have shown enough patience now.


will there be any update on this?

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Stop spamming your scam website here. @mlw I would remove this account and/or link.

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I am trying this now one last time. Please fix this issue or at least let us know if it is unfixable.

Directly after connecting to the LTE network all streams work as expected, but two seconds later a wrong antenna is selected by the modem and the fourth stream is dead. Sometimes after a handover all four streams keep working until the modem enters idle mode again. This is only because the modem has already an established RRC connection and can’t change the antennas anymore.

Have a look at this (read directly after connecting to the LTE network):

Current Time:  233              Temperature: 32

PCC RxM RSSI:  -57              PCC RxM RSRP:  -81
PCC RxD RSSI:  -51              PCC RxD RSRP:  -74
SCC1 RxM RSSI: -63              SCC1 RxM RSRP: -79
SCC1 RxD RSSI: -58              SCC1 RxD RSRP: -75

Two seconds later:

Current Time:  235              Temperature: 32

PCC RxM RSSI:  -59              PCC RxM RSRP:  -80
PCC RxD RSSI:  -53              PCC RxD RSRP:  -74
SCC1 RxM RSSI: -98              SCC1 RxM RSRP: -123
SCC1 RxD RSSI: -57              SCC1 RxD RSRP: -75
Rx channel B1:   397
Rx channel B3:   1875

This issue also affects the explicitly mentioned and supported B1+B3+B7.

Please foward this issue to the corresponding development department.

@mlw @dpalma

Thank you in advance.

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I can confirm @unknown’s observations (using B1 + B3 + B7, which is a supported CA combo). Please fix that bug.


And again, nothing happens.

It is now November 12th, 2018 - and this issue still persists for me, someone who recently acquired the EM7565 and has been banging their head against the wall trying to figure out my ridiculous -140 RSRP issue. It was only today that I stumbled onto this forum post. Has anyone solved this issue? I’m fully up to date with the latest firmware off the Source.


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Hi All,

Current Time: 295 Temperature: 31
Reset Counter: 1 Mode: ONLINE
System mode: LTE PS state: Attached
LTE band: B3 LTE bw: 15 MHz
LTE Rx chan: 1299 LTE Tx chan: 19299
EMM state: Registered Normal Service
RRC state: RRC Idle
IMS reg state: No Srv
PCC RxD RSSI: -96 PCC RxD RSRP: -132
Tx Power: – TAC: 046f (1135)
RSRQ (dB): -11.7 Cell ID: 0001390a (80138)
SINR (dB): 5.8

even i am observing the same logs in GSTATUS… any fix has happened???

Please suggest.