EM7511 Composition Change Error - Need help reconfiguring

I have an EM7511 that I believe I put in the wrong AT! code to change the composition.

Now the modem won’t let me place any commands including the unlock code as it gives me an error message. The modem still connects to LTE, but it won’t show any information .

I have tried using putty to insert commands, however it gives me the same error. Is there a way to “reset” to factory settings or change the composition?

Thank you and all the help is appreciated.

Hi @jkrz

What OS platform are you using?
You can try to change USBCOMP=8 (USB composition) (example for Windows):

  1. Uninstalled all Sierra Wireless drivers.
  2. Installed GenericDriverSetup_Build5087.exe GenericDriverSetup_Build5087
  3. Make sure the modem was disconnected.
  4. In the Driver Packages directory run “DriverInst.exe USBCOMP=8” from an Administrator prompt.
  5. The default Generic Broadband driver is installed.
  6. Update the driver of the network adapter. Choose Driver => Have Disk => c:\Program Files(x86)\Sierra Wireless\driver package\driver\swg3kmdm00.inf
  7. “Sierra Wireless Incorporated” => “Sierra Wireless Mobile Broadband Network Adapter”