EM7455 (usb_boot pins)

Hello! Please, help me to find the right pins in order to enable EDL mode (9008). I have the device which has no COM ports (couldn’t do anything with it as there is no communication line). It identifies as 05c6:9059. It has RNDIS interface on ubuntu.

Hi supervisor,

There is no official way to enter EDL mode to flash the firmware.

If you cannot communicate with the device from your host. Try to download the driver named “MBPL_Drivers_R24_ENG3-src.tar” here:

After downloading and extracting the package, go to the folder named “USB” open “readme.txt”, and follow step-by-step to install the driver. AT port interface will be exposed as /dev/ttyUSB0 or dev/ttyUSB2.


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