Em7455 signal quality

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Curious what a good average is for singal quality for an em7455 adapter. First one got setup. Was hoping to set this in basement. On main floor of house get 16% steady, took to work,got 19%, in basement down to 9%.
This is the reading in ModemManager GUI in Debian. This pci-e to M.2 adapter came with 4 , 5 dBi antennas. Have two of the four hooked up to the em7455

Hi brcisna,

EM7455 supports 27.007 AT commands. You can use the command “AT+CSQ” to check signal quality.


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hi jerdung,
Thank you for this AT command i will try this and see what results are. What would be considerated,a very marginal signal,when running this AT command. Am sure there is a very big range of results depending on the your topology,where you live


So if you want to keep it really simple then anything below 3-4 RSSI from the CSQ command will be tenuous. You can obviously get extremely technical if you want so that’s just a rough finger in the air.




when i run the above command “AT+CSQ” the only thins taht is returned is ‘22,99’
is this a ‘negative’ 22 dBm ?
Tried this in Putty,minicom, picocom,all the same return.


Hi brcisna,

In the document above, the range (2…30) corresponds to (-109…-53)dBm . Your RSSI value is 22, which means it corresponds to -69 dBm.

You can also use the command “AT!GSTATUS?” and check “PCC RxM RSSI” value in the response.

If you need to consider your value to be good or bad, just refer to the link below:


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