AT+CSQ with EM7565 needs SIM PIN

Hi all,

in our products we used many different modem in the past. To test the modem hardware (including the antenna) the AT+CSQ command is used. This works fine. In contrast to the modems used so far, the EM7565 needs the SIM PIN. (AT+CPIN=xxxx) It is not practical for us to make it possible to enter the PIN or to store it somewhere, because the tests are carried out at different locations with different SIM cards.

Why is it nescessary to enter the PIN for this command ? is there any other command to get the rssi level ?

We use Firmware Version 1.08.04 !



Hi @ipetronik,

It has same issue with EM7565 FW version at my side.
The EM7565 platform only reports RSSI and RXQUAL when the sim card is initiated, a serving cell has been elected.

This is the limitation of the current firmware module. I recommend that you contact your local distributor or reseller to release new firmware to fix the issue.

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