EM7455 MBPL do not support kernel 3.10 and SDK binary do not support mipsel

EM7455 MBPL do not support kernel 3.10 and SDK binary do not support mipsel.
So, you are discard gobinet ? realy ?


Its a complicated internal story but the short version is that we are moving towards the open source drivers. The ones that you can get from us are effectively the open source ones with the VID/PID’s for the newer units added in. This is also so that we can support the current LTE devices and the newer 5G units with a single drivers, Qualcomm have deprecated the use of QMI/RMNet on the 5G chipsets and while the interface might appear function they could well break and will not be fixed.

With regards GobiSerial and GobiNet, they are still on the source if just search for ‘QMI’ they come up under the ‘Drivers’ section and will remain functional for the 74 and 75 units although there is limited support for them if anything goes wrong.



While the drivers are now based on the open source, upstream drivers, Sierra has neglected to push the required changes (mostly adding the VID/PID, i.e. a trivial change) to the upstream kernel.

So Sierra modules will not work with a regular upstream kernel, you still have to patch and build it yourself. Given the time it takes for a proposed change to land in a release, don’t expect it to work out-of-the-box for any kernel released this year.