Sierra AirPrime MC7700

Hi everyone.

I bought a Sierra Airprime MC7700 and installed it on my SBC with a Ubuntu 16.04LTS version on. The Sierra module is seen as USB.

I downloaded the drivers from this page:

Following official guide’s instructions, I had no problem compiling the GobiSerial module, but I couldn’t compile the GobiNet module due to various errors.

How can I find a working version of the GobiNet module?
Thank you in advance.


The unit might be in DirectIP mode which would be easier as the DirectIP drivers come with most distributions and you will not need to compile new drivers in. If you send ‘lsusb’ in a terminal session to see the VID/PID of the device then you will be able to see from its PID if it is in DirectIP mode if it is 68A3 (i.e. 1999:68A3).

2131327 Direct IP Integration Guide v1.0.pdf (380.8 KB)



First of all, thank a lot for your answer.
I checked with lsusb comand, and the unit is on DirectIP mode [1199:68a3].

I followed this userguide,,-d-,26/

and I got stuck on point 3.3.5.

Do I have to install anything before the drivers?

Thank you in advance.

If your unit is in DirectIP mode, the default ModemManager/NetworkManager in your Ubuntu distribution should be able to make the modem connect properly.

Do you have ModemManager installed?

There should be no need to do any other thing, no need to follow any integration guide to have it working as any other mobile broadband modem.


You definitely do not need to go through the QMI developer guide as the unit is in DirectIP mode. Assuming you are seeing a number of /dev/ttyUSB ports enumerate when you plug the unit in (3 or 4) then you should be good.



Thanks a lot for your answers. I simply used Modem Manager and it worked.

Best regards and thanks again

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