EM7455: Convert from Dell to generic version

Hello All, I have a Dell EM7455 and like to flash the generic firmware. The modem will NOT be built into a Dell laptop (that’s why I like to have the generic version). Is there a way to do that on Ubuntu, and if yes, how can I achieve that? Thanks for your advice.

does this help??

No, I don’t think so. In the mentioned thread it is a back and forth between Dell, Lenovo, Windows and even Huawei (?!) comes into play.

I don’t have a Dell laptop, so I think it does not make sense to install Dell drivers, as suggested in the thread. I also can’t use Windows, because I have Ubuntu running on my computer.

Isn’t there a tool from Sierra Wireless to flash the generic firmware?

how about this one?

According to the description, the script seems to work only on the live version of Ubuntu (for whatever reason). Nevertheless I tried to run it on the standard Ubuntu. In my case it caused an error and and was waiting for boothold mode forever. Unfortunately I can not boot from an usb stick to use live version with my hardware setup.

did you install GobiSerial driver?

Yes, Gobi drivers are installed.

then did you see only the single port /dev/ttyUSB0 which means download mode?