EM7455: Algorithm for Changing APN and Rebooting Modem using SLQS

I’m using the Linux QMI SDK (complete: 04.00.22) and I just want to “soundcheck” my algorithm for checking/changing an APN and then rebooting the modem (without having to reboot the host: ie the computer the modem is installed on) so that I get a “clean” initialization of the modem (which has an updated APN value).

Algorithm Pseudo Code:

  1. Find your current Profile using one of the following: GetDefaultProfile(), GetDefaultProfileLTE() or SLQSGetProfile(). From one of these function calls, get current APN and check it against your desired APN setting.
  2. If current vs desired are not equal, use one of the SetDefaultProfile function calls to set the APN val to the desired setting.
  3. Reboot just the Modem somehow…? There are functions for powering down/up slots (I think) and functions for powering up/down the sim card. Would I use one of these to “reboot” the modem? Help!

Is my thinking correct or am I way off base?


you can reboot the module by sending AT!RESET to AT command channel.

Hi, you can reboot just the modem by using SLQS Connection_Manager SampleApps, then select the option 11 Power cycle the device.