EM7455: How Does One Get an IP Address Using SLQS?

Current Setup:
SLQS->04.00.22 SLQS
GobiNet Drivers->SierraLinuxQMIdriversS2.38N2.59
Running on Ubuntu 18.04 Server (Modem Manager, Network Manager aren’t running)

We have one profile configured, it only has the APN Name configured in it.

I can turn the host on, let it boot and at some point issue the following command:

sudo dhclient em7455_interface_name

and the interface comes up and I’m good to go.

As I understand it, the information inside the SLQS ecosystem will NOT get populated this way. I believe I have to programmatically issue “the_command” (not sure what this is) for the necessary info to get populated inside of the SLQS.

I’ve tried SLQSWdsSwiPDPRuntimeSettings and SLQSGetRuntimeSettings to no avail. Can someone give me a pointer on which way I need to go? I believe I need to get the DHCPv4ClientLeaseStatusCallback to fire to be able to pickup the IP address the apn issues (am I right)?

Thanks for any help.

seems easiest way is to use AT command:


Hi cobb.jason,

The host system need a dhclient command forcing the connection through on the host interface of Network Manager is off.

I figured out what the issue was: My modem had auto-connect set to ON. This was preventing me from starting a connection of my own thereby preventing certain pieces of data within SLQS from being populated.