EM7355 Sim Slot

I am looking for a sim card holder for a EM7355.

I want to mount my cell modem on one M.2 interface inside an Intel NUC and I am hoping someone can help me wire up a SIM slot to stuff inside the enclosure with this card!


The pinout is described in the Product Technical Specification you can download from “source”.

BUT… Are you sure that slot supports hosting a modem? Did you check the key? I don’t know much about the NUC, but I assume that any m.2 slots without a SIM interface are intended (and keyed) for either SATA or WiFi modules. The Wifi slots will have USB wired up too for Bluetooth, but that doesn’t mean that a modem will fit.

For some reason, many manufacturers (not Sierra - they show the key as part of the pinout in the PTS) hide the information about m.2 keying somewhere I’m unable to find. But the nice pepole at Bplus tech have made a great list, including the EM7355 and some of the Intel Wifi modules I suspect you believe you can replace: bplus.com.tw/PDF/M2_FiWi_3G_ … bility.pdf

IMHO you are better off using an internal USB2 port and an USB to m.2 adapter with SIM slot.